Clouded Leopard

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 Name: Clouded Leopard

Class: Mammal

Origin: Southeast Asia & The Himalayas

Habitat: Evergreen Rainforests, Dry  Woodlands  & Mangrove Swamps.

Size: 65cm-95cm & 12kg-25kg

Speed: 40mph

Diet: Rodents, Monkeys & Deer

Predators: Tigers, Leopards & Humans

Attack/Defense: Clouded leopards climb trees to hide from predators and stalk there prey.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Life Expectancy: 15 years

Fascinating Facts
  • They are not closely related to leopards.
  •  Clouded leopards have the biggest teeth to skull ratio of any carnivore.
  •  They are incredible climbers with the ability to climb upside down and hang from branches using only there hind legs.
Photo Credit: Vera Kratochvil