Plumed Basilisk

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Name: Plumed Basilisk

Class: Reptile

Origin: Central & South America

Habitat: Lowland Moist & Wet Forests

Size: 70cm-75cm & 200g

Speed: 7mph

Diet: Insects, Small Mammals, Fruits & Other Lizards

Predators: Birds of Prey, Opossums & Snakes

Attack/Defense: They can spend up to 30 minutes under water which allows them to hide from predators.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Life Expectancy: 10 years

Fascinating Facts
  • A long slender tail and tiny combs on there back feet allows them to run on water giving them there unofficial name the jesus christ lizard.
  • The mothers leave there eggs to hatch on there own.
  • Hatchlings are born with the ability to run both on land and water, climb & swim.
Photo Credit: Marcel Burkhard