What animals can you see ?


Brown bear Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Finland & Romania

Arctic fox Iceland

Euraisan lynx Finland, Romania & Russia

Polar bear Russia & Norway

Eurasian otter Great Britain, Latvia, Norway, Spain & Portugal

European elk Sweden, Norway & Finland

Reindeer Finland, Norway & Russia 

Killer whale Iceland, Norway, Scotland & Spain

Blue whale Iceland

Bottlenosed dolphin Great Britain, Spain & Greece

Golden eagle Scotland, Russia & Italy

Atlantic puffin Iceland, Norway & Scotland

top wildlife spots to visit

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Tarifa, Spain Primarily known as one of the best spots on earth for wind sports however, if you are in Tarifa between June-October it is also a great place to watch and learn about the killer whales that come here to feed on the local blue fin tuna.

 Svalbard, Norway A truly remarkable place where the northern lights are visible in the winter and the summer has 24 hour sunlight known as "midnight sun"  you can also see some amazing wildlife including arctic foxes, reindeer and if you are there between May and September take a cruise through the ice and look for polar bears.

Skinnskattersberg forest, Sweden A short 1 hour an 50 minute trip from Stockholm it is a perfect place to see Sweden's wilderness at its finest with the opportunity to explore the dense woodlands and see moose, elk and beavers in their natural habitat with some great wildlife safaris on offer.

Piatra Craiului national park, Romania Located near Brasov, Piatra Craiului is easily one of the most beautiful places in Europe where you can hike the rocky mountains, enjoy the beautiful scenery or try to spot the resident brown bears, lynxes & wolves.

Latrabjarg cliffs, Iceland  Visit the most western point of Europe and one of the biggest bird cliffs on the continent where millions of birds reside including razorbills, gannets and of course the majestic puffins.

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