Giant Panda

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Name: Giant Panda

Class: Mammal

Origin: Central & Southwest China

Habitat: Cool & Wet Bamboo Forests

Size: 1.5m-1.8m & 120kg-240kg

Speed: 20mph

Diet: Bamboo

Predators: Jackals, Snow Leopards & Martens

Attack/Defense: Although they might look ber cute and friendly pandas are more than capable of protecting themselves using there incredible strength, powerful jaws and sharp teeth.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Life Expectancy: 30 years

Fascinating Facts
  • They spend 12 hours of their day eating bamboo getting through around 12kg a day.

  • When giant pandas are born they are only around 15cm long and pink in colour, they are also blind and do not open their eyes until around 6-8 weeks after birth.

  • Unlike most other bears pandas do not hibernate they just head further down the mountain where the temperature is higher.

Photo Credit: Cliff