Great White Shark

Great White Shark

Photo Credit: Elias Levy


Name: Great White Shark

Class: Fish

Origin: Oceans Worldwide

Habitat: Coastal Waters

Size: 4.5m & 1500kg

Speed: 25mph

Diet: Sea Lions, Seals & Turtles

Predators: Humans

Attack/Defense: They have an unbelievable sense of smell that allows them to detect and hunt prey, they can smell a small amount of blood from up to 5km away.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Life Expectancy: 70 years

fascinating facts

Once they have eaten great white sharks can go up to 3 months without consuming another meal.


They have a sixth sense called electroreception which allows them to detect electrical currents in the water generated by potential prey.


They do not have eyelids instead there eyes roll back into there head to protect them whilst attacking.


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