Great White Shark

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Name: Great White Shark

Class: Fish

Origin: Oceans Worldwide

Habitat: Coastal Waters

Size: 4.5m & 1500kg

Speed: 25mph

Diet: Sea Lions, Seals & Turtles

Predators: Humans

Attack/Defense: They have an unbelievable sense of smell that allows them to detect and hunt prey they can smell a small amount of blood from up to 5km away.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Life Expectancy: 70 years

Fascinating Facts
  • Once they have eaten great whit sharks can go up to 3 months without consuming another meal.
  • They have a sixth sense called electroreception which allows them to detect electrical currents in the water genrated by potential prey.
  • They do not have eyelids instead there eyes roll back into there head to protect them whilst attacking.


Photo Credit: Elias Levy

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