Hawksbill Turtle

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Name: Hawksbill Turtle

Class: Reptile

Origin: Atlantic, Pacific & Indian Oceans

Habitat: Coral Reefs

Size: 71cm-89cm & 40kg-70kg

Speed: 15mph

Diet: Sponges, Anemones & Squid

Predators: Sharks, Killer Whales, Crocodiles & Octopuses

Attack/Defence: There hard shell is used for protection from predators as well as claws on there front flippers and a powerful jaw accompanied by a raptor like beak.

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Life Expectancy: 50 years

Fascinating Facts
  • The hawksbill turtles shell changes colour depending on water temperature.
  • They are endangered because there shells were once sought after for women’s jewellery.
  • They are solitary for most of there lives and meet only to mate.
Photo Credit: Matt Kieffer