King Cobra

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Photo Credit: Dr. Anand Titus and Geeta N Pereira


Name: King Cobra

Class: Reptile

Origin: India, Southern China & Southeast Asia

Habitat: Rainforests, Bamboo Thickets & Mangroves

Size: 5.6m & 9.5kg

Speed: 12mph

Diet: Frogs, Lizards & Other Snakes

Predators: Birds of Prey & Mongooses

Attack/Defense: They kill their prey by striking with lightning speed emitting an extremely potent venom into their blood stream that contains enough neurotoxins to kill up to 20 people.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Life Expectancy: 20 years

Fascinating Facts

They are the longest venomous snake on earth.


When threatened they spread open their hoods and can raise themselves up to 6ft off the ground & if that doesnt scare off any would be attackers they can also produce a growling sound by taking a deep breath and then exhaling rapidly.


During mating season males will wrestle with each other over females and will try to pin one another on the ground by intertwining their bodies once one of the snakes has been pinned they will leave and the victor will mate with the female.

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