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Name: Koala

Class: Mammal

Origin: South-Eastern Australia

Habitat: Eucalypt Forests & Woodlands

Size: 60cm-85cm & 4kg-15kg

Speed: 2mph

Diet: Eucalyptus Leaves

Predators: Birds of Prey, Dingos & Humans

Attack/Defense: They have extremely sharp claws which they can either use to scratch predators or to climb trees and escape.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Life Expectancy: 20 years

Fascinating Facts
  • Koalas are not bears they are infact marsupials meaning they carry there young in a pouch.
  • When koalas are born they are only 2cm long.
  • Koalas have two thumbs on there front paws to help them climb and cling to trees.
Photo Credit: JJ Harrison