Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

Photo by Arturo de Frias Marques


Name: Komodo Dragon

Class: Reptile

Origin: Indonesia

Habitat: Rugged grasslands & forests

Size: 3.1m & 140kg

Speed: 13mph

Diet: Buffalo, Deer, Pigs & Sometimes Even Humans

Predators: None

Attack/Defense: They are patient hunters that wait in bushes & tall grasses for prey to pass and then strike with poise and precision.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Life Expectancy: 30 years

fascinating facts

They are the largest venomous animal on earth.


Females can reproduce without a partner and are part of the 0.1% of vertebrates that can perform this type of reproduction that is called parthenogenesis.


They have fork like tongues they use to detect prey and can do this from up to 4 miles away.


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