Nine-Banded Armadillo

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Name: Nine-Banded Armadillo

Class: Mammal

Origin: North & South America

Habitat: Rainforests, Dry Scrub & Grasslands

Size: 15cm-25cm & 2.5kg-6.5kg

Speed: 20mph

Diet: Insects, Ants & Termites

Predators: Bears, Wolves & Coyotes

Attack/Defense: They are very quick diggers and will partly submerge themselves to protect there soft underbelly leaving only there hard outer shell  visible to predators.

Conservation Status : Least Concern

Life Expectancy: 10 years

Fascinating Facts
  • They can jump between 3-4 ft in the air.
  • They can inflate there stomach & intestines with air and float across water or sink to the bottom and use there claws to walk across the bottom holding there breath for up to 6 minutes.
  • Nine-banded armadillos always give birth to the same sex quadruplets from a single egg.