what animals can you see ?

Platypus Australia

Koala Australia

Red kangaroo Australia

Dingo Australia

Saltwater crocodile Australia

Leatherback turtle Australia

Hawksbill turtle Australia

Green turtle Australia

Flatback turtle Australia 

Tasmanian devil Tasmania 

Northern cassowary New Guinea

Southern cassowary New Guinea & Australia

Tree kangaroo New Guinea & Australia

Wallaby New Guinea & Australia

Fijian monkey-faced bat Fiji

Fijian crested iguana Fiji

Kiwi bird New Zealand

Little blue penguin New Zealand

Hector's dolphin New Zealand 

Yellow-eyed bird New Zealand

top wildlife spots to visit

Great barrier reef, Australia Considered one of the natural wonders of the world the great barrier reef is the largest living thing on earth and is even visible from space, although not as vibrant and full of life as it once was it is still a breathtaking spectacle and a must see under water enthusiasts. 

Murramarang national park, Australia Enjoy the stunning beaches as well as an abundance of wildlife including possums, bandicoots & goannas however, the highlight of the park is the eastern grey kangaroos that graze close to the beach making it one of the best places to see kangaroos in the wild.

Bare sand island, Australia If you are visiting near Darwin between May-October it is worth taking the short boat trip over to bare sand island & watch the hundreds of  flatback sea turtles that come here every year to nest and lay their eggs.

Kakadu national park, Australia Kakadu is Australia's  largest terrestrial national park with cascading waterfalls, dry savannahs & rocks that stretch hundreds of meters skyward playing home to plenty of wildlife including saltwater crocodiles, flatback sea turtles & exotic birdlife. Kakadu is also a great place to see aboriginal rock paintings dating back to prehistoric times all in all it is the ultimate outback adventure. 

Narawntapu, national park Tasmania Known as the Serengeti of Tasmania it is famous for its high destiny of marsupials it is a fantastic place to see wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, platypuses and of course the infamous Tasmanian devil.

Banks peninsula, New Zealand It is a wonderful place to see unique wildlife some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, you can swim or kayak along side the native Hector's dolphins as well as watch the adorable little blue penguins and much more.

Lake murray, Papa New Guinea Lake murray is one of the best places for bird watching in the western province which is home to 50% of the the islands birdlife. Sightings of pelicans, hornbills, eagles & parrots are not uncommon as well as  some of the most beautiful birds of paradise on earth & a host of migratory birds.


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saltwater crocodile

tasmanian devil

red kangaroo

green turtle