Pink River Dolphin

Pink River Dolphin

Photo Credit: Jorge Andrade


Name: Pink River Dolphin

Class: Mammal

Origin: South America

Habitat: Amazon & Orinoco River Basins

Size: 2m-2.2m & 100kg-200kg

Speed: 18mph

Diet: Frogs, Fish,Turtles, Crabs, Crustaceans & Prawns

Predators: Humans, Caimans, Anacondas & Jaguars

Attack/Defense: They have devoloped a long snout with bristle hairs on the end for feeding on crabs & turtles along the river bed.

Conservation Status: Data Deficient

Life Expectancy: 18 years

fascinating facts

They are born grey and turn pinker as they grow older, there colour can be influenced by there behaviour, diet & exposure to sunlight.


When they get excited they can blush a brighter shade of pink much like humans do.


They are alot more solitary than most dophins often seen alone or in small groups.



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