Plumed Basilisk

plumed basilisk

Photo Credit: Marcel Burkhard


Name: Plumed Basilisk

Class: Reptile

Origin: Central & South America

Habitat: Lowland Moist & Wet Forests

Size: 70cm-75cm & 200g

Speed: 7mph

Diet: Insects, Small Mammals, Fruits & Other Lizards

Predators: Birds of Prey, Opossums & Snakes

Attack/Defense: They can spend up to 30 minutes under water which allows them to hide from predators.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Life Expectancy: 10 years

fascinating facts

A long slender tail and tiny combs on there back feet allows them to run on water giving them there unofficial name the jesus christ lizard.


The mothers leave their eggs to hatch on there own and once born the hatchlings have the ability to run on water & land, climb and swim. 


They spend most of their time in trees however, they are never far from a lake or river allowing them to swiftly drop down to the waters below and make a quick escape from predators. 




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