Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Photo Credit: David Jenkins


Name: Polar Bear

Class: Mammal

Origin: Canada, Russia, Alaska, Greenland & Norway

Habitat: Arctic Sea Ice

Size: 2.4m-3m & 300k-700kg

Speed: 25mph

Diet: Beluga Whales, Narwhals & Walruses

Predators: Cubs are vulnerable to other bears & wolves.

Attack/Defense: They sniff out holes dug by seals and sit patiently for hours waiting for the seals to come up for air and then attack, this is called 'still hunting'

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Life Expectancy: 18 years

fascinating facts

Their skin is black this helps soak up the sunlight and keep them warm.


Their fur is not actually white it is transparent and reflects off the snow.


They can sniff out prey from 16km away.





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