Ring-tailed Lemur

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Name: Ring-Tailed Lemur

Class: Mammal

Origin: Southern Madagascar

Habitat: Forests, Dry Scrubs & Riverbanks

Size: 42cm & 2.2kg

Speed: 12mph

Diet: Spiders, Caterpillars & Grasshoppers

Predators: Fossas, Hawks, Buzzards, Ground Boas & Civets

Attack/Defense: When in groups they have different calls to alert each other of oncoming predators, they also have an incredible leaping abilities that allow them to quickly escape danger effortlessly.

Conservation Status: Endangered

Life Expectancy: 19 years

Fascinating Facts
  • Their tails are longer than their bodies.
  • They have scent glands in their wrists.
  • They rub their scent glands on their tails and then have whats called ‘scent fights’ this is when two males will wave their tails at eachother until one of them gives up and retreats, this establishes pecking order among the troop.


Photo Credit: Petr Kratochvil