Rocky Mountain Goat

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Name: Rocky Mountain Goat

Class: Mammal

Origin: North America & Canada

Habitat: Rocky Mountains & Cliffs

Size: 120cm-179cm & 45kg-140kg

Speed: Can Climb 1,500 Vertical Feet in 20 Minutes

Diet: Herbs, Ferns, Mosses, Leaves & Twigs

Predators: Bears, Wolves, Eagles & Wolverines

Attack/Defense: When being attacked mountain goats can use there incredible climbing abilities to swiftly scale steep rock faces and avoid danger.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Life Expectancy: 12 years

Fascinating Facts
  • You can tell a mountain goats age by counting the rings on there horn not unlike the rings on a tree trunk.
  • There hoofs have a rubbery footpad which acts like a suction cup when pressure is applied this is one of the reasons there such excellent climbers.
  • Each mountain goat has a rank which determines who gets the best eating and sleeping spots.


Photo Credit: Darklich14