South America

south america

what animals can you see ?

Giant Tortoise Galapagos Islands

Jaguar Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay & Argentina

Capybara Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay, Peru & Bolivia

Caiman Brazil, Equador, Peru, Colombia & French Guyana

Andean Condor Bolivia, Colombia, Chile & Peru

Southern Right Whale Chile, Argentina & Brazil

Ocelot Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Equador, Paraguay, Peru & Trinidad & Tobago

Giant Anteater Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Equador

Harpy Eagle Brazil, Equador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Argentina Colombia, Venezuela

Green Anaconda Colombia, Venezuela, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay & Trinidad

top wildlife spots to visit

Galapagos Islands, Equador Where Charles Darwin formed his theory of natural selection that changed the way we view the world. Galapagos is home to a plethora of animals found nowhere else in the world and is heaven for wildlife lovers.

Peruvian Amazon, Peru Make your way through the dense forests either by cruise, raft or canoe and enjoy the incredible wildlife Peru has to offer. With the amazon covering around 60% of Peru you can spend as long you want searching for the resident monkeys, otters and birds as well as many other animals that inhabit the forests.

The Pantanal, Brazil Often referred to as the worlds largest wetlands, spanning for thousands miles and home to over a 1000 species of bird however, thats not all it has to offer with jaguars, giant anteaters, piranhas, anacondas on offer it gives the amazon a run for its money as it has somehwat surprisingly the highest concentration of wildlife on the continent.

Madidi National Park, Bolivia In the upper amazon river basin of Bolivia Madidi National park is a true treasure with 11% of the worlds animals living here including the infamous pink river dolphins and the recently discovered titi monkey, its a must do for wildlife enthusiasts even if it is not as well known as the others.

Patagonia, Argentina Offering some of the best mountain trekking on earth as well as jaw dropping scenery and one of a kind wildlife including flamingos, elephants seals and right whales it has something completely unique and different to offer that others on this list do not and is sure to be an unforgettable experience.





giant tortoise

giant anteater