what animals can you see ?

Emperor penguin

King penguin

Chinstrap penguin

Macaroni penguin

Gentoo penguin

Adélie penguin 

Antarctic fur seal  

Weddell seal

Leopard seal 

Crab eater seal 

Southern elephant seal

Hourglass dolphin 

Killer whale

Minke whale

Southern right whale 

Blue whale

Sperm Whale

Wandering albatross 

top wildlife spots to visit

Antarctic Peninsula Regarded by many as one of the most beautiful places on earth with 1300 km of jaw dropping landscapes and wonderfully unique wildlife including seals (leopard, weddell & elephant) penguins (Adélie, chinstrap, macaroni, gentoo & emperor) & whales (southern right, killer, humpback & minke).

South Georgia Although associated with the falklands islands which are part of South America, South Georgia is closest to Antarctica located 1400km east of the falklands islands it is not the easiest destination to get to taking two days by boat to complete the journey. The sheer isolation however, is somewhat of an attraction to wildlife & adventure enthusiasts as well as its breathtaking beauty and abundance of wildlife. It is also home to the largest king penguin colony on earth which is truly a remarkable sight that very few people are lucky enough to witness. 

Lemaire Channel Known for being the most photogenic place in all of Antartica it is a must see on your way to the Antarctic peninsula with stunning backdrops that are unrivalled anywhere else in the world. It is also a brilliant place for wildlife watching with the possibility to catch a glimpse of the Adélie penguin, hourglass dolphin, humpback whale, macaroni penguin, killer whale, crab eater seal and the Antarctic minke whale its well worth a visit. 

Antarctic Peninsula

south georgia

Lemaire Channel

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